Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sitting at His Feet

“Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:42

I have had a lot of time lately to just sit.  This is time that I would not normally have, but I’ve been given a gift; the gift of time.  Do you know what I’ve discovered in the quiet?  I need Him.  I need Him desperately. We all do.

I believe we all need time to get away, to be alone, and to work out some things with the Lord.  If nothing else, just to sit at His feet and be lavished by His Love!  To be nourished by His Word and Spirit.  To do the very things are souls were created to do, to worship Him.  We are foolish to think our souls don’t get a little messy at times.  In fact, the more I realize my need for Jesus, the more I see my own depravity and propensity towards sin.  It’s a beautiful thing really.  Jesus continues to show me the places in my heart that need some work; the lack of love, the selfishness, the pride, etc.  You’re probably wondering how this can be beautiful.  It’s beautiful because it is here that redemption and restoration begins as we realize just how frail we are. We finally step aside, and Jesus takes His place and Jesus is more than welcome to be our all-sufficient Savior!  We cannot do it alone.  It’s time to lose ourselves completely to Jesus Christ.  Are you ready to be lost so you can be found?  I am.  And I’m not talking about salvation here, though I could be, but I’m talking about a lifelong journey of losing ourselves to the Lover of our souls.  As God reveals each piece, we surrender, so that He can put the puzzle pieces together to make a beautiful mosaic.  That beautiful mosaic is who you are in Christ.   

Stop.  Did you hear me…I said stopJ.  Slow down.  Sit at His feet. Take time.  Be alone.  Be changed. 

Lord Jesus, You alone are our all-sufficient Savior.  Take our feeble efforts to follow You and grant us the strength and courage to soar on wings like eagles.  Fill our hearts with eternal praises; for You have surrounded us with songs of deliverance!  Jesus, we surrender…all.  Be glorified in us.  Amen.   

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