Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Raise that Flag!

“We raise our white flags, we surrender all to you." Chris Tomlin

The ladies and I have been studying the life of Joseph for our women’s small group (join here).  Wow, there is so much we can glean from Joseph’s story.  I am struck by the overwhelming theme of preparation throughout this story.  God had to prepare Joseph for His destiny and He has to do the same with us.  This time of preparation was not an easy one; it was difficult, trying and I’m sure just plain confusing at times for Joseph.  Why so hard?  Well, I believe, because the “old self” (our controlling sinful nature) don’t just disappear in an instant! 

I heard it said once that, God is more concerned about the journey than He is the destination.  It is on the journey that we learn who God is, who we are, and just how much we need Him.  And somehow, some way when we learn to really walk with Jesus on this journey we find joy, hope, and peace that we have yet known.  Friends, we really can courageous unexplainable lives, which can only be explained with one word--GOD.  Ladies and gentlemen, our God is calling us to a deeper faith, a deeper surrender.  He’s on the move and it is preparation time.  I’m raising my white flag, how about you?   

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