Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Holy Spirit: Untapped

Lately, I have been drawn to the book of Acts.  In reading the Words of this book of the Bible I am struck, utterly struck by the complete, unadulterated reliance the early church had on the Holy Spirit (you know, the third part of the Trinity that we hardly ever talk about) and their emphasis on authentic community.  These are both absolutely vital pieces to our life as a church!  My friends are we grieving the Holy Spirit or are we praying as an authentic community for the Holy Spirit to fall a fresh on us?  And I mean really fall on us; knock us over, can’t stand up and move on without being changed type of fall. 

God has greater works in store for us, but we cannot accomplish these on our own volition.  These are God-sized plans, which will take God-sized power.  In Zech. 4:6 we read, “'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.”  Friends, it’s time to come together as a body of believers who grow in authentic community, being challenged and held accountable, growing in the Word and praying for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.    

What are we waiting for?  I do not know about you all but I'm praying for God's Holy Spirit to fall a fresh on me, our church communities, and world. 

What vision, what stirring is God doing within your own heart?  Does it seem impossible?  Maybe a little crazy?  Humbling?  Good.  It should. 

Think, this is a little much?  Radical perhaps?  Read the book of Acts and see how radical the early church was.  :)

Gracious Father, we pray for Your Holy Spirit to knock us over, to completely wreck us, so much that we cannot get up and move on without being changed.  We need your strength, on our own we cannot do it, but only by the Spirit's power.  Holy Spirit, fall a fresh on me!  Your power Lord God is made perfect in weakness!  We want to change and we want to make change for the sake of Jesus Christ, who died for all.  We are yours.  Father, grant us visions for you Kingdom.  Amen.

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