Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"How Low Can you Go?"

The limbo.  I have a feeling most of us have played the limbo at one point in our lives.  I know I played my fair share of limbo at birthday parties and other events as a child.  I typically did pretty well because I’m so short, though I think if I tried to do it now I’d hurt myself!  Do you remember the saying that was often repeated during the game?  “How low can you go?”  The object of limbo is to go at low as you can and the person who does wins.  Pretty simple.  

God has been so gracious to us as, hasn’t He?  It is amazing to watch Him at work.   God has given us all gifts and wonderful opportunities in our daily lives and He desires for us to use those gifts and opportunities for His glory.  One thing I constantly have to remind myself is that, in the midst of all God is doing, it is also absolutely vital that we go as low as we can go.  I know, some of you just went, huh?  Let me explain!  James 4:6b says, “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble."  Sometimes, when things are going well, pride and haughtiness can creep in, wouldn’t you agree?  So in everything that has happened and is happening in our lives, we must always give glory and praise to God.  Why?  Because the moment we take credit for anything, God will bring us low.  In fact, the Greek word for ‘opposes’ in this verse has the idea of setting oneself against.  Whoa, we better humble ourselves before God before He humbles us!  Trust me, I've been humbled by God--IT ISN'T FUN.  :) 

So how low can you go?  Remember, God shows favor towards the humble, those who keep their knees and face to the ground in prayer, and their self-seeking accolades buried with Christ.  Satan would love for us to boast in ourselves, but we don’t win with God through a proud state, no we see the unexplainable movement of God and experience sweet communion with Him through staying as low as we can.  

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